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In loving memory of my dear friend Mike Streif who passed December 10th, 2019

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I started Mojo's Moves for several different reasons, the main was I had lost the ability to provide for my family. With my daughter now 13 and doing amazing, it was a losing battle to maintain a full-time job with her fight with Crohn's. The second was because of her Crohns we wanted to bring more options of Ostomy Bands available in one place. Here at Mojo's Moves not only do we have Colostomy, Ostomy Ileostomy products if we don't have it we will do our very best to find it, We offer insight in our experience not only for the patient but for the parents and siblings to. As we grow here we want to build relations ships with our customers that will bring ease of return orders and finding new ways of care and fashion.                                                      





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