Wreath Decorating Contest

Contest Guidelines:

Enter the Contest by submitting your name and e-mail


There is a $10 spending limit to create your wreath.

Submit pictures as soon as you start your wreath.

When you are finished with your Wreath take a picture holding

your Wreath.

Videos are excepted.

Please keep videos short, they will be posted on social media.

If you live in any other county or state please email or call me

to make arrangments for shipping.

Wreaths may be any size or shape.

Wreaths will be going to families who are struggling with tough

decisions and this may be the closest to Christmas they may get.

I am very excited to see everyone's creations, I will be making a

wreath too but sadly I'm not able to enter.

Have fun and know that your Hope wreath already has a home.  

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