One or Two Piece Pouch?

One-Piece Pouch My favorite feature of the One-Piece Pouch is that it's virtually unnoticeable. Allowing for a slimmer appearance. For far too long, this very ugly condition has kept sufferers hidden away in fear. With today's technology and improvements to Ostomy care supplies, UC/Crohns warriors are emerging with confidence, wearing any attire in public, taking their Jobs, their Sports, their Education and their lives back. The second feature is that the Wafer (flange) and the Ostomy Pouch are one unit, making this ideal for an active person that has a slower stoma output.  This makes convenient to only have a one-unit piece to change. If you are dumping several times a day on a regular basis I would not suggest using this method. Changing can be uncomfortable, and changing several times a day will cause a painful rash. The use of an adhesive removal helps a great deal but again if your output is significant the one-piece is not ideal.


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