French lace, cream cotton jersey, flower pink lace, soft cotton jersey


This stoma bag cover is to fit colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy.

This fit the size of a mini however I will create a different size on request.

This beautiful pink French lace is stunning with a cream background. This makes up the front cover.

The back cover is a cream cotton jersey. This is a two piece around the opening, giving more stability.

Being against your skin helps prevent you becoming sore and is gentle on the skin.

As I have used cotton jersey, this allows the stoma bag the space for expansion.

There is a opening at the bottom of the pouch, allowing easy access to drain the stoma bag.

The design may differ slightly due to the pattern on the material.

The width measures 5.5" or 14.5 cms, the length is 8.5" or 21.5 cms.

The item/s are placed in tissue paper and then in a colour postal bag.

The patterns are my own design. AS are the photos and with this the colour might be slightly different.

I will accept returns if the item/s have not be worn.

Thank you for looking at my item. Please have a look at my other stoma produces.

French Lace Flower Pink

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