Stoma/ostomy Be Beautiful Band

Cotton jersey, dusty pink, stretchy lace, pink lace

This stoma be beautiful band/bag cover is for colostomy, Ileostomy, urostomy, and ostomy.
This will hold a stoma bag in place during those intimate moments.

The lace covers the stoma bag and adds a pretty, feminine and sexy look and feel.

The top and bottom of this item is cotton jersey in a dusty pink.

I can move about as to how I want to without any concern of the stoma bag interfering with my activities.

For everyday use I have found this very comfortable and reassuring.

All my items are handmade by myself and the patterns are created by me.

I take all the photos myself and with this the colour may differ slightly in person.

Thank you for looking at my creations. Please take a look at my other creations.

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